Top Ten Awkward Questions I've Been Asked By People Who Don't Know I'm Trans

10. You have such athletic shoulders. Are you a swimmer? [More like a drowner.]

9. Do you have an extra tampon? [Damnit, I keep forgetting to get one.]

8. What do you use for birth control? [Nothing! Er, condoms.]

7. Why is your voice so low? Do you smoke? {No, I just like being sultry.]

6. What were you like as a little girl? [I was like a little boy.]

5. How did you lose your virginity? [Which one?]

4. Doesn't seeing that baby just make your uterus ache? [Maybe the spiritual one, yes.]

3. OMG you're so bitchy. Do you have PMS? [Nope, born this way.]

2. Do you and your boyfriend plan to have kids someday? [Nope, even if I can.]

1. What was the date of your last period? [Um, never?]